"There's a lot more business out there in small town America than I ever dreamed of"  
Sam Walton
In 1980 Terrell and Laurie Shaw came back to Western Nebraska to the farm with their parents.  Over the years they had 6 kids (Preston, Whitney, Avery, Zach, Caleb, and Savannah).  The four older kids are all out of college, and Zach & Preston came back to the farm in the early 2000's.  They pushed the combines and trucks until it became a reality or nightmare depending on who you ask. It did not take long before rewards and challenges we never imagined were realized.

Tercel Trucking and Harvesting, LLC was formed in 2007.  Our first job was in August harvesting millet for a local farmer near home.  We also started moving trucks hauling beets, and harvesting corn.  Education slowly began.  Tercel is a spin off from our farming corporation and the name comes from family initials.

In 2008 we left New Holland behind and bought 2 John Deere combines to start this cross country journey.  In the meantime our trucking had graduated from local elevators to the far reaches of Texas and Iowa.  Huge strides at the time.  We added a third combine in June.

In 2009 we had trucks on the East Coast, Gulf Coast and we were cutting wheat in Kansas and we were fertlizing corn in Nebraska.  We realized this year that labor is the most important asset that we have and that this was going to be our biggest obstacle in terms of growth and success.

In 2010 we changed our tune a little bit.  We realized bigger isn't better, but better is bigger in the eyes of our customers.  We didn't get smaller, but this was the first year that we didn't get bigger at least in terms of number of trucks and combines.  We did grow the farm.  We realized a lot more proficiency in running newer equipment and adapting into our management style.   

Over these years we've been busy despite constant work on getting this business going.  Zach got married to Dani in 2008 and they have a son Aden.  Preston married Zorica in 2010 and turned a city girl into a country girl.  Dani and Zorica have their own professions, but are a vital role in our operation and whatever time they are not working on their jobs they are helping with whatever duty calls that day.  

The other kids have grown their families as well.  Whitney and her husband Andy have 2 kids Conner and Austin.  Avery and her husband Jack have a son Gaige.  Caleb and Savannah are still in school in junior high.  They help wherever duty calls and their increasing extra curricular activities do not have them consumed.

2011 and beyond are exciting times here at Tercel.  In the winter months and holiday season when the workload is slow we are reviewing what we can do better for our customers and potential customers.  We are reviewing how we can make this company a better company to work for.  We are looking at what we can do differently or more of the same to raise better crops. 
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